Four (Christian) Bands You Should Be Listening To

I’m not a big fan of Contemporary Christian music. The whole concept of art exclusively for Christians really baffles me. Usually the art is subpar and the message feels forced.

Praise and Worship music is even worse. The songs are written more out function than anything else, which is a really terrible way to make art. We end up singing words we don’t mean and never confronting the great amount of disillusionment Christianity often brings to us.

I’d much rather hear musicians who are Christians make music that is true of their experience of life and the community they worship with. Here are four bands or musicians that do exactly that.

All Sons and Daughters



Josh Garrels


There are plenty of other bands that are making great original music with Christian themes, and I’m always looking for new music. Leave a comment and let me know of your favorite music that you think I should check out!