6 Blog Posts I Never Want to Read Again

I’ve been blogging here for just about a year, and in that year I have been reading other blogs more frequently to get a better idea of how to blog. Blogging is a form of media all its own and the type of posts you make have to fit the format (for instance, lists are huge). Seeing the way others do it has helped me to understand how I do it.

It has also caused me to see some topics that I never want to see posted about again. I think every blog has written this kind of post because they’re easy and comforting (or only a little challenging) and get shared like crazy. No seriously, I see one of the following shared on Facebook at least once a week.


  • Josh

    Thanks for the post Wil! My favorite was “love who jesus loves”. Greetings from Brazil!

  • “Something Incendiary” I’m by no means authoritative on the subject. I didn’t have an opinion about it til it got a #hashtag yesterday. And I’m apparently not really versed in any of the subject matter. But here’s my blog about it. What, I got a lot of hits? How flattering.

  • Also (and this one is probably more personal)

    “This blog doesn’t matter.” I’ve written this passionate article about this thing, which isn’t important by its own merit, but I think my emphatic authorship is enough to simultaneously establish the credibility of the issue, and me as a modern pioneer. You will have gained nothing when you’re done pouring over this page, but make no mistake: This blog matters.

    (This is my #1 reason for being a very occasional blogger.)

  • Thanks, Josh. I try to keep up with you on facebook, but I don’t know if things are good or bad because I don’t know Portuguese.

  • Real authorities write books, not blog posts. Says the blogger.

  • Yup. Also, on the other side is the “This REALLY matters.” I’ve written about something everybody knows about, like adoption or homeless people, as if you never thought it was an issue. Here are a few really good examples of that.



  • The self-publishing age concerns me. I think this SNL skit pretty much sums up all my opinions about it: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/you-can-do-anything/n13355/